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Ingeteam's hybrid inverter is now compatible with Pylontech's HV batteries2019.11.27

Ingeteam's hybrid inverter is now compatible with Pylontech's HV batteries

Ingeteam and Pylontech have tested and certified, at their respective R&D laboratories, the compatibility of Ingeteam's hybrid inverter (PV inverter + batteries) with Pylontech's HV batteries. Specifically, the INGECON® SUN STORAGE 1Play inverter and the POWERCUBE X1/X2 and FORCE H1/H2 batteries were tested.

The use of Ingeteam's hybrid inverter together with Pylontech's batteries makes it possible to create hybrid systems that combine PV power generation with energy storage, with no need to add additional PV inverters. Furthermore, it is also possible to create stand-alone systems and to operate in self-consumption mode or back-up (UPS) mode. Thus, for grid-connected systems, the solar energy generated during the day can be stored for night-time consumption, giving the highest possible self-consumption ratios and, thanks to the possibility of operating in backup mode (UPS), the power supply is maintained in the event of a grid outage.

The Ingeteam inverter permits the connection of a PV array and also a battery bank to the same unit, thereby reducing the cost of the system as a whole. This 3 or 6 kW single-phase transformerless inverter has been designed for use in residential and business installations alike.

For its part, the Pylontech lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) HV batteries cover a voltage range from 90 to 315 V and offer a capacity from 7 to 24.5 kWh. This is thanks to a modular system that offers maximum flexibility in order to make the greatest use of the energy in the system.

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