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620 GW new PV installations by 2022

Good news at the start of The smarter E Europe today in Munich. Global solar growth will further accelerate according to the Global Market Outlook of Solar Power Europe.620 GW new PV installations by 2022

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This year, a lot of the exhibitors and attendees will be talking about energy storage technology. According to GTM Research’s Energy Storage Monitor report for the fourth quarter of 2017, storage is the fastest growing segment of the solar market.

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The Current State of Storage Markets & Industry in Brazil

Brazil is a water-rich country. The Brazilian power matrix is dominated by hydroelectricity, which represents approximately 65% of the country’s installed power capacity. Brazilian hydropower plants have large reservoirs, and hydro is used as its main and also baseload source of energy in the country.

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Energy Storage in Abu Dhabi and Dubai – A Closer Look

Less than ten years ago, it would have been hard to imagine that any of the
oil rich gulf states would one day rely on anything else but oil and gas to fuel
their growing power demand. But the situation has changed drastically since
Masdar in Abu Dhabi first introduced its vision of a fully carbon neutral and energy self-sufficient city in 2008.

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Energy storage for U.S. government building? 

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has announced its intention to investigate the potential for energy storage in its buildings. The federal government oversees a wide network of about 10,000 workplaces for more than 1 million federal employees.

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Commercial Renewable Heat Project
OHM Energy – Ashdown Forest
Finn Geotherm – RAGT Seeds
Green Fox – Hinckley Academy
Energy Guru – SharperSun Industrial Process Heating

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German energy storage market to reach USD 1 billion in 2021

GTM Research’s new report takes a glance at the German energy storage market from 2016 to 2021 and predicts it to grow elevenfold in megawatt terms reaching an annual value of USD 1.03 billion in 2021.

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